Quest of the Gods; Lair of the Wicked Monster


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This title features one boy, five Gods, and a thousand monsters. Ancient Egypt is in trouble; the evil pharaoh, Oba, has captured five of the most powerful good gods and imprisoned them in secret and perilous places. Now deadly plagues are destroying the land and bloodthirsty monsters terrorise the people. Only one boy can stop them: Akori, an orphaned farm-boy with a huge destiny…Vicious vultures and deadly beasts lie in wait for Akori as he searches the desert for the Hidden Fortress of Fire – and the Warrior Goddess, Sekmet, imprisoned there. Will he survive the ferocious flames, or will this quest be his last…? Amazing adventures, breathtaking battles, grisly and gruesome Egyptian mythology…and thousands of murderous monsters – don’t miss a single battle!

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Quest of the Gods; Lair of the Wicked Monster