Minions (5 book pack)


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This book pack contains:

Minions: Activity Book

This Activity book is filled with activities, fact files, puzzles and bananas, travel through time with the minions from dinosaurs, to the Napoleonic era and the 1960’s on their search for the perfect master

Minions: Poster Book

Minions are everywhere. They’re in Movies; they’re in shops; they’re in even this book! Oh well- I guess it’s time to surrender to their awesomeness. check out some of your favourite scenes from their latest adventure inside.

Minions: Sticker Book

Ready to hit the road with your favourite hitchhiking minions? Good, Because inside you’re going to find all kinds of fun stuff to do with Kevin, Stuart and bob. Plus, there are tons of awesome stickers

Minions: Long Live King Bob

The Minions were born for one reason and one reason only- to serve the most evil of evil-doers. But when Scarlet Overkill sends a trio of minions to steal the queen’s crown jewel, Bob messes up and becomes the new king of England! Long Live King Bob.

Minions: Junior Novel

Since they first appeared on the planet, Minions have searched for the right villain to be their master. During their hunt for the perfect leader, they have served dinosaurs, kings and even monsters. But it’s time for a new master, if only they can find one! join Kevin, Stuart and bob as they travel the world and attend villain-con, looking for the most despicable bad guy (or gal) out there to lead them.

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Minions (5 book pack)